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If I’ve filed a Complaint at the Board of Revision, What Can I Expect?

Now that you or your attorney have filed the Complaint to argue that your property’s tax value is incorrect, you may be wondering – what’s next?  After the County has received and entered your Complaint information into their system, you will receive a Notice of Hearing telling you to appear at your County’s Board of Revision office.  For example, in Cuyahoga County, it’s located at 2079 E. Ninth St., Cleveland, Ohio 44115.  Each County has its own particular location, so pay close attention to your Notice of Hearing documents.  A hearing date is usually scheduled a few months down the road but that largely depends on the Board’s workload.


In most Counties, you will be required to submit, at least seven days prior to your hearing date, any evidence to assist in your argument to reduce your property’s assessed value.   This gives the hearing officers adequate time to review your evidence so they can prepare questions for the hearing.  Evidence can come as comparable market analysis, an appraisal from a licensed appraiser, or any other relevant information that will help persuade the Board. 


The panel is comprised of three hearing officers.  The School Board of Education may also be present to argue that your property value shall not be reduced and may be even asking the Board to increase your property value. 


The hearing usually lasts on average between ten and twenty minutes, but a hearing may last longer, depending on varying circumstances.  Based on the volume of the County’s complaints, you could receive a result from the Board in six to eight weeks but some counties have backlogs and there could be a delay. 


An appeal from a decision of the county Board of Revision may be taken to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals or the Court of Common Pleas within 30 days after notice of the decision of the BOR is mailed. You may request an appeal form from the Board of Revision or download one online.



This article is intended for general education purposes.  It is not intended as legal advice, so do not use it as legal advice.  If you are interested in learning more about filing a tax complaint, call us at (440) 907 0077 or another real estate lawyer in your area. 

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